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“Iran is a company name, no geographical area called Iran existed in history”: Historian

14:31, 12 May 2023 👁 Read: 72
Although 2025 will mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Iranian state, many people argue that this state’s history dates back to ancient times. However, on the territory of present-day Iran, there were states founded and ruled by Azerbaijanis for hundreds of years.
Only in 1925, the Iranian state was established on the initiative and with the support of the Vatican and the Anglo-Saxons. It is worth noting that Persians also lived on these territories as an ethnic tribe, and in historical sources, they are referred to as “News from Persia”, “Detachment sent to Persia”, “Revolt in Persia”, etc. One of the reasons behind the establishment of the Iranian state was to divide the Turkic-Muslim unity while the other one was to ensure the transfer of the territories with rich hydrocarbon resources directly under the control of the Vatican and the Anglo-Saxons. How was the Iranian state established? Where did the name Iran come from? To shed light on this matter, published an interesting interview with Zaur Aliyev, a historian scientist and associate professor. Avaz.Biz presents the interview. - First of all, we would like to begin our interview with the question: Why was Azerbaijan’s history written out incorrectly? What powers benefit from this factor? - Yes, you rightly pointed out. Our history was written out incorrectly. For example, let’s talk about the ancient Albanian state. There was no Albanian state in history, it was originally called the Aghvan state. The rare historical documents we have obtained recently prove that this state was named Aghvan. Unfortunately, our history was distorted both during the periods of Tsarist Russia and the USSR. What’s the most terrible is that today we present Russian sources as the main historical source and the source of reference. On the initiatives of Russian historians, the facts about the Aghvan state and the Khazar khanate were erased from our history. With these facts, we could have shown the entire world which peoples were aboriginal and which people did not exist in hits geography. Unfortunately, some forces do not favor the disclosure of these truths. - Unfortunately, we suffer from the wrongly drawn-up history even today… - Of course, you are absolutely right. Today, the young generation and the world are taught that the Safavids, the Afshars, and even the Qajars were Iranian states. However, the official language of these states was Azerbaijani, and these states were ruled by Azerbaijanis. These states had nothing to do with Persians. - So, what are we waiting for now? Why don't we write out our history again and as it is? - Our historians, archaeologists and linguists need to gather to draw up our true history. This trio will, of course, be able to write out the true history of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the book written until now only contains the historians’ opinions. Moreover, almost all of our history books refer to Russian sources, which completely distorted the history of Azerbaijan. As a result, 17 history books have been written recently. All these books contradict each other. All this is because the “fifth column” prevents us from studying our history. The history of each nation is defined by its monuments and stone inscriptions. It is a pity that our historical monuments were destroyed by Armenians not only in Karabakh but also in the capital Baku and the country’s regions. However, historians keep turning a blind eye to what is happening. As long as our historians continue to conduct their studies from their offices, our history will remain distorted. - One of the distorted factors in history is related to Iran. It is claimed that the Iranian state has been existing for hundreds of years, and Azerbaijanis were ethnic groups living in this state. - It is a fundamentally wrong approach. As far as is known, the oil boom began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At that time, millionaires from all over the world flocked to Baku and the territory of the Qajar state. What’s the most interesting is that in the early 1900, the Britons came to the territory of the Qajars and discovered large oil fields there. However, the Azerbaijanis living in that area did not let the Britons near. Seeing this, the Britons resorted to a trick. British companies released many poisonous snakes they had brought from India into that area. It was Azerbaijanis who were afraid of these poisonous snakes and fled from the oil fields. As a result, the Britons created a new oil company in that area. The company was called “Iran”. That is, Iran is not a geographical name. Iran is the name of a company, a brand created by great powers. Only Persians were employed in this company. Later, this company was involved in political processes, as a result of which the Qajar state collapsed. British intelligence brought their affiliates Pahlavis to power in the newly established state. - Is it true that until 1925 it is not mentioned in any historical source that the Pahlavi dynasty was the creator and carrier of some state? - Bringing the Pahlavis to power has numerous reasons. Let's remember that in the regional power war, the Britons made concessions to the Russians in the Caucasus. Because Pyotr wanted to control territories up to India. To stop the Russians, the Caucasus was gradually handed over to the Russians for 200 years. Instead, the Britons gained a foothold in India and the Qajar state. Then, the Iranian state - a joint project of the Vatican and the Anglo-Saxons - was established. I’d like to reiterate that there was no state or geographical area called Iran until 1925 in history. The name Iran has nothing to do with Persians. - So, what was the reason behind the appointment of the Persians in the newly established state’s administration? - The reason was simple. Like Armenians, Persians are easily directed as well. They are insidious and stand against Turkic-Islamic solidarity. What could be a bigger reason than that?!