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Genocide of Turks in South Azerbaijan (Part I)

13:22, 14 May 2023 👁 Read: 68
The genocide committed by Armenian-Aysorian militants against Azerbaijani Turks in the western region of South Azerbaijan - Urmia, Salmas, Khoy and surrounding areas is one of the most horrific acts of genocide in the 20th century. In fact, the genocide perpetrated in South Azerbaijan is considered to be a part of the policy of genocide carried out by Armenians against Turks in the region over the last two centuries.
Their policy was aimed at artificially creating an Armenian state in the areas inhabited by Muslim Turks and especially in the neighborhood of the powerful Ottoman Empire as a stronghold for themselves. However, since the Armenians were moved to the territories of Azerbaijan, they were living here in a scattered manner. They made up a very small part of the population compared to local Turks in each city and district. To that end, acts of genocide were committed in all regions inhabited by Turks (Eastern Anatolia, North and South Azerbaijan). In other words, they strove to destroy the local Turkic population with the aim of creating conditions for the establishment of an Armenian state. In 1918, a Christian army consisting of Armenians and Aysorians had been committing genocide against Azerbaijani Turks in the western part of South Azerbaijan - Urmia, Salmas, Khoy and the surrounding areas - for six months. Those horrific crimes claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Azerbaijanis. Ahmad Kasravi, who lived at the time of the genocide, writes that more than 130,000 people were killed by the Christian army consisting of Armenians and Aysorians. The textbook “Geography of Western Azerbaijan”, published by the Iranian state for Western Azerbaijan mentions that nearly 163,000 people were brutally killed as a result of that massacre. The book “Azerbaijan in the first years of the Pahlavi Rule”, translated from Turkic into Palestinian by Dr. Tohid Malikzadeh, informs that more than 160,000 Muslims were murdered in the western part of South Azerbaijan as a result of the massacre. However, more accurate information about these bloody events was provided by Rahmatullah Khan Motamidalvuzara, an Iranian government representative in Urmia. Motamidalvuzara, the head of the commission set up to calculate the human losses, writes that the injuries and loss of life in some neighborhoods of the city, as well as in the villages, have not been calculated. However, the human losses recorded and the damage calculated from World War I until now are estimated at 160,000 people and 80 million crores, respectively. Innocent Azerbaijanis were subjected to genocide and violence by Armenians and Aysorians. Sometime before the genocide committed in the western part of South Azerbaijan, England and Russia armed Aysorians against the Ottoman Empire. However, after being defeated by Ottoman troops, the Aysorians fled to the western part of South Azerbaijan, mainly to Urmia and Salmas. Avaz.Biz