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Iranian professor, who humiliated great Azerbaijani poet Fuzuli, makes stupid statements

15:01, 14 May 2023 👁 Read: 59
Ehsan Movahedian, a political scientist and professor for international relations at Tehran’s Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU), once again made anti-Azerbaijani statements.
The notorious political scientist, known for his pro-Armenian stance, made an anti-Azerbaijani tweet to humiliate great Azerbaijani poet Mahammad Fuzuli and praise Persian poet Ferdowsi (Firdovsi). “Bringing up Fuzuli against Ferdowsi to fight against the Persian language is disgraceful and will yield no results. The Pan-Turks achieved only Fuzuli by subverting Turkish history and language. He also wrote many poems in Persian and Arabic languages. Also, many Persian words are mixed in his Turkish lexicon. These words were spread in Baku [Azerbaijan - Avaz.Biz editor] and Türkiye until 100 years ago,” Movahedian tweeted. “Persian speakers emphasize Ferdowsi because of his exceptional role in keeping the Persian language alive. But Fuzuli was not distinguished in any literary field and did not have any historical activity. By exalting him, the Pan-Turks only aim to fight against the Persian language because the poets of the Safavid era also wrote poems in Persian,” he added. Avaz.Biz