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Azerbaijan detains another criminal group acting upon Iran's instructions - VIDEO

13:07, 16 May 2023 👁 Read: 66
Another criminal group acting on the instructions of Iran has been detained in Azerbaijan, the latter’s Interior Ministry, State Security Service and Prosecutor General’s Office said in a joint statement.
Regular operational measures were carried out to stop the criminal actions of a group of Azerbaijani citizens recruited by the Iranian special services through religious propaganda and in exchange for material interest in order to destabilize the situation on the territory of Azerbaijan. It was identified that Rufulla Akhundzade and his son Almursal Akhundzade, who collaborated with the special services of Iran, developed an action plan to organize armed riots on the territory of Azerbaijan. As part of the plan, Rufulla Akhundzade created special groups in WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers. In addition, Rufulla Akhundzade and his son presented to the members of the group a list of officials and public figures for the organization of assassination attempts on their lives, their personal data, addresses of places of residence and work. He gave instructions to the members of the group to purchase firearms. During the operation, Elgun Agayev, Ruslan Aliyev, Yusif Mirzoyev, Elvin Jafarov, Savalan Huseynli, Bilal Sujaddinli, Maharramali Musayev and other members of the group were detained. Rufulla Akhundzade was engaged in instructing the listed persons and constantly held online meetings with them in order to keep them under influence. The members of the criminal group said in their testimony that they were preparing to carry out various subversive actions, organize mass riots and other similar activities, as well as to attract other persons to the "resistance group" on the instructions of Rufulla Akhundzade. In addition, they wrote radical religious slogans on the streets near the administrative buildings of various state bodies, photographed them and shared these photos on social networks. Rufulla Akhundzade also planned to send members of the group to Iran under the pretext of receiving religious education, but in fact to involve them in military exercises and involvement in illegal armed extremist organizations. The group members also sent money from abroad to promote religious radicalism in Azerbaijan and finance other subversive activities. Avaz.Biz